REE Corporation

Founded in 1977, REE (Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation) has grown into a company operating under “holding” model. REE is mainly dealing with engineering and contracting for industrial (M&E), manufacture, assembly and trade in air-conditioners, developing and operating real estate, and planning for strategy infrastructure.

REE group includes:

REE M&E is leading electrical contractor in Vietnam;

- REE Electrical Company specializes in air-conditioners with the Reetech Brand;

- REE Real Estate Company Limited is in charge of managing buildings and offices for rent which are operated and developed by REE;

- REE Land Company operates in developing real estate projects.

 REE is also the main strategic investor in electric power and water infrastructure with investments in power-station and clean waterworks.

REE is one of the first equitized companies in Vietnam.

In Ho Chi Minh, REE is among the top 30 companies with the largest capitalized market shares.(As February 29th, 2012, REE’s market value was 3,115 billion). REE stock is in the group of the highest trading liquidity. 

History and Development: 



REE, state-owned company established;


Became the first company in Vietnam to go from a 100% Government Company to a Joint Stock company with capital of 16 billion VND;


Established Reetech Company to produce appliances for household and industrial use;


Chartered capital of 150 billion;


Became the first Vietnam Company listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange and received ISO 9002 certificate;


Established REE M&E;
Entered the real estate market and established REE Real Estate Co., Ltd;
Opened Building;


Received ISO 9001-2000 Certificate;

2005 fully leased and started development of 2;

2006 2 was fully leased on completion;

2010 campus now includes 6 buildings: 1, 2, 3, 4, ew and sport complex. Campus has 80.000 m2 leasable space and approximately 13.000 visitors every day.