Routes to campus campus is located on Cong Hoa road which is the primary economic traffic link for the Tan Binh district, some central districts and industrial parks in the west of the city have a large number of vehicles everyday. As a result, the Government has started construction of several overpasses, and one of them is the overpass in the crossroads between Hoang Hoa Tham Street and Cong Hoa Street which is under construction. Due to this process, the distribution of car access to campus has changed. Therefore, we would like to provide 2 directory guides for entering campus by car:

  1. Option 1: Enter by Cong Hoa Street

    From Lang Cha Ca intersection, car would like to choose to turn right on one of three streets: Ngo Be road or Le Van Huan road or Nhat Chi mai road, go straight and take a left turn to Le Tan Quoc street, then turn left into Cong Hoa road at crossroad between Cong hoa road and Le Tan Quoc road. Guests also choose Gate number 1 or gate number 3 to enter campus.

  2. Option 2: Enter by Hoang Van Thu street

    From Lang Cha Ca intersection, car turns right on Xuan Dieu road, then takes a right turn on Truong Chinh road. After driving to Ap Bac crossroad, then enter by gate number 6 ( located on Ap bac road). If there are a traffic jam on Ap Bac street and you can not turn right to Ap bac street, you can go straight to intersection between Tan Ky Tan Quy road and Truong Chinh road, and continue on Tan Ky Tan Quy road, and turn right to go on Cong Hoa street and access campus by gate number 1 or gate number.

Routing Guide to campus


In the future, if there are any changes from the relevant departments, we - management board will update new information to you. Management Board.