• Total Floors

12 Floors and 1 Parking Car Basement;

  • Height (meters)

46.5 meters;

  • Parking Area

72 Cars;

  • Elevators

3 panoramic lifts (1,250 kg), 4 passenger lifts (1600kg) and 1 service lift (2000 kg). Lifts are made by Schindler and speed is 1.6 m/s;

  • Air Condition

Central water chilled A/C system offers sufficient cooling for the office area;

  • Lighting

Paragon Fluorescent Lamps Types (6000 x 1200), Average illumination is 300lux – 400lux in office area. Emergency lighting is provided for exits and emergency stairwells;

  • Power Capacity

Area office is supplied standard electric. Electric generator is supplied 100 % to run all parts of the building (1500 KVA x 2);

  • Supervision System

Cameras system has been installed in public area. Security guards take turns supervising all building 24 hours/day;

  • Fire Prevention

The Building is fitted with fire safety direction, fire extinguishers and fire alarm on each floor. Smoke detector is installed in public and Tenant’s area. 4 emergency exits on every corner of the building with fire doors, pressurized stairwell enclosures to ensure safety when moving. Fire alarm system has been fitted up all building;

  • Office Management

Colliers International is property consultant management;

  • Total Net Leasable

29,480 m2.